Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Evie's first word was dada. She said it when we were visiting home in July. I was talking to Boyd on speaker phone and when she heard his voice she said it. Precious.

Soon after that she started saying mama. We can occasionally get  her to say both on command. One night a few weeks ago I just happened to catch it on camera when I was recording her eating this apple.

It seems right now that the only time she says either  on her own is if she is crying. She knows how to pull our strings!


Kristy Treible said...

So excited for your new blog!

Porter and Karla said...

Love the idea for the new blog.... we have a big list of changes ahead of us that we are getting ready to try to embrace. That Evie sure is a doll just like her momma!
PS I'm doing a give away on my cooking blog that you and evie could sure pull off looking cute in.... www.envymycooking.blogspot.com

Lindsay Jones said...

Oh boy so cute! We miss you! Baron was talking to the screen! We love you!!

mandi said...

the kids are fighting over the screen, they just love that little girl to pieces and so do I. we were at target today and we some cute clothes and they both said that is so cute for evie! we miss you guys. i wish i could hold that tiny girlie. Love you guys

Emma Kennedy said...

Cute Blog Love It!!!!
hows it going???
Tell Evie I say Hi!!!

<3 Ya,
Em Ken.

PPS Check out my blog:
Its littlemisschatterbox-emma.blogspot.com

Also this is Emma Kennedy

Connie said...

aw what a sweetie!

Tara said...

How cute! She's so big! I love her eyes and hair.

Whitney said...

I cant believe how grown up she is looking. Just seriously is a little doll!! I love when Presley says our names. She calls out Mommy when Im not in the same room with her. And hearing her say dada warms my heart. Are you home yet? Are you ever coming home?