Monday, February 21, 2011


It's moments like these that are my favorite.

Our little impromptu walk including The Dada, The Mama, The Baby and The Dog to Water And Ice for some Thriftys ice cream might just have to become...un-impromptu. Ya get what I'm sayin??

Friday, February 18, 2011


For Sale:

Blue and tan damask chair. (Pillow not included.)

Do I have any takers?

Monday, February 14, 2011


what are YOU wearing: Valentines Day Edition

Bow: F21
Necklace: Bead Divas
Shirt: Gap
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy

Today's post was actually supposed to feature our entire weekend of Valentine apparel...three days worth. I took all but one day of Evie on my camera that only uploads to my mac. But as luck would have it, the charge cord to my mac broke and now my computer is dead and I can't upload my pictures onto it. So now I'm stuck with this compaq and the pics I took of her on Saturday with my phone.

My sister in law, the Bead Diva herself, made this adorable necklace for Evie and I planned three different outfits around it. Don't you love it?! You can have the Bead Diva make you any necklace you can think up,or you can host a party and you and your friends can make them yourselves... OR you can go to one of her open houses and make something of your own. Her bead parties are always a good time. Be sure to check out her blog. (She'll make and ship necklaces for you out-of-state-ers.)

As far as the rest of our outfits go...hopefully I can get them up by Wednesday for the official, What Are YOU Wearing Wednesday post.

But until then, here are some more phone pics.

Three bows is usually a little much, but I don't like the front or back to be bare so I thought simple yarn bows were a good solution.

I know she's irresistible, but sorry fellas...she's taken. 

This little valentine belongs to Oliver:

 After seeing his picture, I'm sure you can understand why.

Our hearts melted when we got his valentine letter in the mail. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day with the ones you love!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


A few weeks ago Boyd wrote a secret message in my wind shield. It showed itself to me one day then went back into hiding. Only in certain lighting, can I see it. Just when I have forgotten about it, it pops up again. I think this is my favorite love note from him.

It's the little things...

Happy Valentines Weekend everybody!

Ps. Come back on Monday for a special What Are YOU Wearing: Valentines Day Edition.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I know I don't have to say it, but I'm going to anyway...These phone pics are terrible. 

C'est La Vie.

Dress: Vintage (Vintage shop in Houston-only $4)

Tights: Target

Shoes: F21 (I love these shoes so much. I wanted them so bad but didn't have any extra spending cash around the holidays so my cute sister got them for my birthday. Thanks Lex!)

Necklace: Designer Blvd Boutique in Queen Creek (I bought this necklace for my sister for Christmas and loved it so much I stole it;) jk Lex... I'm just borrowing it. For those that live near Queen Creek, this place has awesome jewelry for awesome prices. Couldn't this pass as Anthro?? Try $12.)

Bow: Made by me
Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Janie & Jack
Socks: Gap
Shoes: Walmart (still in stores)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


{Four days in California. What a trip!}

Saturday. Day one at Disney Land/California Adventure. Just the Worthens and Joneses.
In line for Toy Story. 
This girl loves to wear glasses.

Bugs may have been a little scary for the youngens.

Love her pose...and the shadows.

Cutest little stinker.

He sure loves his best cousin. These two are only three days apart.

Daddy lovin' on his girl.

Can you tell who it is??

Take a closer look.

That's right...Travis Barker. Drummer from Blink182. I spotted him like that! Boyd didn't think it was him.
My smile says it all.
Too bad I look terrible, otherwise I'd brag a little more. SUPER nice guy, by the way. He was there with Shanna and their two girls. Shanna was incognito. 

Big girl on the tea cups.

Love this pic of Boyd. A daddy in love.
Duffy Bear. First encounter with a character. Evie loved him.

End of Day 1 at DL.

 On Sunday, we went down to Newport and Balboa.
The seagulls were OUT OF CONTROL.

Can't go to Newport without stopping at Seaside Donut.

The kids had a blast running around but man was it cold!

We love the beach...even in the winter.

This picture doesn't do justice. We were face to face with a HUGE pack of angry seagulls. Maybe they wanted Evie's donut hole? Boyd was legitimately scared. Here he is swatting them away...Good luck with that!

Monday. Day two at Disney Land/California Adventure. The rest of the family joins us.

Pilot Goofy ruined it for Evie. She was scared of every character from here on out.

Where's Jesse's neck?

Love her!

Can't have enough shoulder rides.

And here is where my baby is replaced by a big girl. Since when did she get big enough to sit by herself?!

Evie girl loves her Auntie Lex.

She loves her Auntie Mandi too!

Minnie beanie from last year still fits!

She discovered she could push a stroller.

End of Day 2 at DL.

 Tuesday. Last day at Disney Land/California Adventure.
Mini Minnie.

Dumbo ride. One of her favorites.

Gosh, she's cute.

First meeting with Minnie. Talked her into giving her kisses.

"What were you thinking, mom?"

Easton Boy gettin goofy with Goofy.

Evie remembered Goofy from the day before. She didn't want to get near him. She screamed so loud in protest, Goofy had to cover his ears.

No, she's not waving at Pluto.

Not here either...She's swatting him away. Apparently she gets feisty when she's scared. What a tough girl.

At Minnie's house.

She loved it. Everything was just her size.

Don't let my grin fool you.

I was terrified! Death grip on the baby. Death grip on the screen.

I used to be a thrill seeker. It took a lot for a ride to scare me. Magic Mountain was a favorite...Not after I had Evie. I can't ride like I used to. Motherhood changed everything.

Top row: Presley, Mandi, Mickey, Baron, Lindsay.
Bottom row: Evie, Me, Avrey, Livvy, Rocco.

End of Day 3 at DL.

Sadly, I don't have a pic of the whole crew. But we had a blast. My baby sister Lexi is leaving for China in two days to teach English for 5 months. Disney Land was the perfect way to have some family time before she left. It was also a fun celebration for mine and Boyd's five year anniversary. That place is so magical when you have kids! I'm ready to go again.