I have been a long time user of your small kitchen machine BOSCH. I grew up with one in my home and when I got married four and a half years ago, I took over my husband's. I use it for various recipes, however, my favorite thing to use it for is to make cookies. I love trying new cookie recipes. In fact, I just tried a cookie recipe tonight that called for ice cream.(They were delicious, by the way.) 

My baby girl just turned 7 months last week and since she was about 3 months old, I started sticking her in a bumbo chair and putting her on the counter next to me so she could watch me bake. It's our favorite thing to do together. Unfortunately, I don't think we will be able to do it for much longer, seeing how our small kitchen machine BOSCH is on the fritz. It gets slower and louder with each batch of cookies I make, trying with all it's might to hang in there, but alas, I know it's death is quickly approaching. I can't tell you how much the thought of not making cookies in my BOSCH with my sweet little Evelyn saddens me. I could weep, I tell you! Some would say, "Just make cookies the old fashioned way." Nay, I say! Making cookies without a BOSCH is not worth making cookies at all! And what is furthermore haunting about this whole situation is the fact that my husband just gifted me with a pair of brand new cookie paddles for Christmas,(upon my request) which as you know, are not exactly "inexpensive". 

Now, you're probably wondering why I've come to you with such heart wrenching woes... Well, here's the deal. I can't afford to buy a new BOSCH. Soooo, I was hoping that out of the kindness in your big, red, blood-pumping heart, you would be so inclined to give me one. (Cue: eye batting and captivating grin.) It would save the bonds of mother and daughter and also make us shout with jubilation. Oh, and it would make the hubby very happy as well, because you see, he too loves to try new cookie recipes that are delicious to the taste. (And a cookie made in the BOSCH is nothing short of that!) And if it is not enough to save a mother/daughter bond, or make a young family of three delightfully joyful, than I shall bribe you by informing you that if you were to send me a brand new, sparkling(like Evelyn's eyes) small kitchen machine BOSCH, then I would post about it on my blog, writing of how wonderful and amazing your company is. And  I would tell my friends that they should all go out and get a small kitchen machine BOSCH for themselves, thus making your small donation to me, a rather largely profitable business move on your end. ;) ;) 

I have attached four pictures of myself and Evelyn enjoying our BOSCH in hopes to help you grasp how much we truly do love using it together and hope you realize how devastating it would be for you to deny my plea. (Uh hem, and also to once again, bribe you with cuteness and cleverness. Honestly, how could you turn us down after seeing those?!)

And with that, I bid thee farewell. Please consider my attempt to receive a simple donation and let the thought brew deep within the burning of your bosom until you can fight the urge to give in no longer. (If graveling at your feet would at all help at this point, considerate it done... and allow the mental picture to flood the mind for just one moment. (Now, take a deep breath. Soak in the moment. And exhale. Moment is over.)

In all seriousness though, our BOSCH is breaking and we would LOVE a new one. We are loyal customers and appreciate the time you have taken to read this email.

Have a nice day. And please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Take luck,
niki worthen

So there you have it friends. Bosch is wonderful and amazing and you should all go out and get yourselves a small kitchen machine!

And in case you don't believe that I actually got it. Here's proof.

I'm thinking a new photo session with the three of us (me, evie and boschy) needs to take place. What do you say??

To Jason and everyone at Bosch: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You guys are the bomb. Totes magoats.