Tuesday, July 5, 2011



 Day Festivities: 

Our ward had a pancake breakfast the morning of the fourth, followed by a bike parade for the children. I caught wind of the parade the day before at church so I threw together Evie's trike decorations Sunday night with stuff I had on hand. We were both pretty pleased with the turn out. My favorite part was the denim pendants I made from old jean scraps...and those straggling cans. I love it when light bulbs go off in my head;)

Night Festivities:

That evening, Boyd got off of work early and we went out to Kemah where we had dinner with our selling family at T Bone Toms (featured on Diners Drive-Inns & Dives...One of my favorite shows). It was pretty good. Fun atmosphere. Best sausage I've had and that's saying a lot cuz I rarely eat sausage! After dinner we walked over to the Kemah boardwalk to watch the fireworks. We intended on riding a few rides but after how crowded it was, we not only didn't do that, but nearly walked away without seeing fireworks due to a big building obstructing our view. On our way back to the car, we luckily landed a spot with a great view of the fireworks and it was a great ending to our night. I love making memories in this big state with my little family. Evie is at such a fun age to be doing these kinds of things. She loved the fireworks...almost as much as she loved that cotton candy!

I'm blessed to live in this land of the free!


Marianne said...

I have been so out of the loop lately I have missed your last several posts! Evie is looking so grown up and darling! What a fun fourth you had. I love the carnival lights with the fireworks overhead. I love this free land too! You and your hubby are looking pretty good these days all sun tanned and gorgeous!

Diana Smith said...

Your Evie is the cutest dresser ( I am sure you have a big part in that ) haha but seriously! I love her hair and her cute bracelets. Good job mama

Melissa said...

We had a fun day...thinking about it makes me exhausted :) or maybe that was after the beach today. Either way, I'm glad we did it all!! Makes for a more festive holiday. You got some good pics. Love them all but especially that one of Evie and the drink. So cute.

David and Shalynna said...

What a perfect holiday! I'm so glad you documented and shared these fun photos with us.

After seeing Evie's decorated trike on Facebook that day I wanted to decorate Oliver's so bad. He has one very similar (garage sale $5, woohoo!) and I just loved what you did. I can't believe you did it with things you had at home. You crafty little queen! Love the cans too. You are very creative and clever.

How is Evie so much older than Oliver, but only two months older? What I mean is, Oliver looks like a baby and Evie looks like a big girl with her banks, riding her bike (Oliver's poor legs don't reach yet... he's a shorty), and the fact that she SAYS PRAYERS?!!! I know I shouldn't compare, but don't you get that way when you see another child and think, "My child isn't doing that?! What am I doing wrong?!" Oh well, girls progress earlier anyway, right? Haha. Love that Evie girls says her own prayers. Oliver is folding his arms, that's a good start. :)

And what a cute Father's Day. What is that breakfast menu you have? It looks delicious! Oh and Oliver painted on a mini canvas for David's gift too! Except he was freaking out because he HATES having his hands dirty. He's so OCD like that.

angela hardison said...

her trike decorations are so adorable. and i love your outfit, too!