Thursday, May 5, 2011



This year Easter was a lot of fun. However, if I'm being honest, I will say, it wasn't the most spiritual. And that made me really sad. I sure was missing the Easter Pageant this year. I didn't feel as fulfilled without it. Plus, when you have an 18 month old running around at church it's hard to feel completely uplifted. Luckily, on the 45 minute drive to and from Mandi's house we listend to the Lamb Of God by Rob Garnder, which was truly amazing and that made up for a lot.

So let's begin with the festivities that happened the day before Easter.

I made little bunny sacks on a whim with some materials I had on hand to deliver to Evie's friends here at the apartments.

And inside were these adorably delicious goodies.

And who else to deliver these Easter treats but the Easter Bunny herself.

I showed Evie what she looked like in the mirror and she loved it! She kept looking at herself and smiling and twirling. But even more than that, she loved carrying around her basket of goodies. She didn't so much love actually giving them away though;)

 She was so adorable walking down the halls in her little get-up and knocking on the doors. It was hard not to eat her up.

Church came real early Sunday morning and we had to wake the princess up. She went straight to her little basket of eggs. Neve rmind the giant basket of toys.

I attempted to make bunny pancakes for breakfast and failed mostly. One out of about ten worked though and that's all we needed.

 She loved it.

 Next it was off to church and my girl looked so precious in her Easter outfit.

I made her headband and corsage and Grandma Judy and the Bead Diva made her bracelet.

After church we went out to Mandi's house and had a delectable Steak Brian dinner followed by an Easter egg hunt. Evie knew just what to do. She loved carrying her basket and putting the eggs in.

The kids had so much fun and we were so happy we got to spend Easter with the Collins crew.


Claudia said...

Sooo cute! Miss you all...

Judy said... adorable! shes so cute in each picture, but the one of her dressed like a bunny is beyond priceless. her parents are pretty adorable too!

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! Is she too cute or what?! That Easter bunny get up was a genious!! You have the cutest little family!

grant + brittany said...

i mean how do you expect me to comment? i have no words. evie is the cutest girl ever. i can't even handle her little walk in that video let alone her outfit. i LOVE her bangs. love love love them. ah! i just can't get over how cute she is!!!!

oh and we were only in phoenix for.... less than 72 hrs and basically at the ballpark the whole time. but next time... we will no doubt meet up! i thought about you while i was there. anyway hope you are doing great girlie. you are beautiful as ever. and i love the plants in the top picture (succulents? i can't tell).

David and Shalynna said...

You get the award for having the most Easter Spirit this year! What adorable little treat bags and treats, but what's even more adorable is that little girl of yours. She's so sassy. I love it. I showed David and he thinks it's crazy how grown up she looks. He said she looks like a three year old. :) Oliver still has a very, very baby look. Maybe it's his cheeks. I don't know, but either way he loves older women. Oliver+Evie=forever

Alexa Mae said...

Oh my dear friend, you are breathtaking. I love you so. I'm sorry you missed your usual Easter routine. I love what you did with Evie! Can I have a treat? I am really, REALLY, REALLY craving your oatmeal butterscotch cookies!!

grant + brittany said...

i had to show grant and his brother the video. her walking around... oh my gosh she is so cute.

Janna Renee said...

If i ever have kids i hope they are as cute as she is! words cannot describe!