Saturday, January 21, 2012


Oh's been a long time since I've set foot on this ol' blog.

But guess who might be making a come back?!

Thanks to Blogger for finally getting an iPhone app that is is simple and quick to use, I'll prob manage a small post pretty regularly.

Thinking about playing catch up totally stresses me out so I prob won't do that...but I will go back to addressing the fact that I am pregnant once again.

About 11 weeks ago we found out what it is...


We're so happy to have two sisters close in age. It's perfect in my opinion. Who wouldn't want a built in best friend? Evie is so excited and loves "Baby Sister" so much already.

So far, all is well and mama and Baby Sister are healthy.

Baby Sister already wants out. I know she's dying to meet Big Sister and is ready to make herself known. She's wild and super strong and is constantly moving and kicking. She's gonna be a dancer like Evie and is apparently already just as flexible.


~M~ said...


Sarah said...

Glad your back, been wondering about how your pregnancy was going. When are you due again? Having two little girls is the best, I speak from experience! :)

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