Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm currently laying on the couch with Evie, watching Book of Mormon movies as she snuggles me and strokes my face(one of her little comfort quirks) and she says to me, "What dat Mama?" "It's a zit." I say. "I see zit, Mama?" She proceeds to sit up and look at my cheek and says, "Ohhh." Then touches another one. "And dat one. And dat one. And dat one." Then starts looking at my other cheek. "Anudder one?" "And dat one. And dat one."

Oy! The skin of a pregnant woman. I can't help but laugh tho. Evie says the funniest things these days.

Love her zit loving guts!

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Whitney said...

I feel ya on the zit face thing! My face is horrible right now!