Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Welcome, welcome.

Here we go again...

Comfiest tee ever: Gap (thanks to the 40% sale they had last week it was only $5).
Scarf: thrifted.
Jeans: thrifted.
Flats: Urban Outfitters. 


Cardi: gifted (originally from Target).
Tee: Gap.
Skirt: Gap.
Tights: gifted
Shoes: Janie & Jack.
Bow: Clippy Chicks (found at Contagious in Mesa).


Marissa said...

Gap tees are the best!

That TP picture is hilarious!!

Alexa Mae said...

You look gor-jeh-mus in that pic!! love the scarf around your necksies!! eves is darling, as always.

Katy said...

That tee is a steal! Wish I'd known about that sale! The tp photo is the best, and she's so cute! Somehow they're always cute when they're being mischievous.