Monday, October 25, 2010


A Puppy Party for my big 1 year old!!

We had a birthday party for my Evie girl on Saturday. Tomorrow she will turn one. It's pretty bitter sweet for me. I love that my baby is growing healthy and strong every day but I can't help but want her to stay little for a bit longer.

We had a great time with family and friends and of course, Dotty.

Dotty is the main reason for our puppy themed party. She is Evie's favorite toy. Evie loves this little stuffed dog so much. She pretty much picked her out on her own and hasn't stopped loving her since that day in Anthropologie about three months ago. I had to splurge and buy the $25 stuffed animal because the pure joy it brought her was priceless.

(Photos by Nick Narducci)

We had Evie's party at Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert. (If you haven't been, you must go! It's a great park for both people and dogs.) Evie loves her big brother, Big Boy, so we wanted to include him in the fun. Besides that, the park was the perfect location to accommodate us all.

After I had the pup cake finished and sitting in the fridge, Boyd decided she needed a collar and tag. I thought it was the perfect finishing touch.

 Paw print cookies.

 Puppy chow.

Puppy poop. 

Sorry guys. I know I said I wouldn't, but I just had to!

A big thank you to everyone who came, helped and for the adorable gifts. We love you.


Marissa said...

Happy Birthday Evie!!

Amy said...

That is such a cute party! I love love the cake! And Evie is so freaking adorable!!

Alexa Mae said...

I loved it! The decorations, and treats were perfecto!! You did an AH-MAZING job. I loved the company. Great family you have...on both sides.

So happy about the stroller!!

Liz said...

Super cute Niki!! I can't believe she is already 1 either! Happy Birthday Evie!

Erica Ann said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm already planning my Ruby Girl's first birthday and I can't wait...although I totally understand about it being bittersweet when they grow up!

Ps: Are you guys trying out for pageant again? Me and the hubbs are this year!

Becky said...

ADORABLE party nikki! love all the cute details! the cake was truely adorable! :) Evie really is growing up so fast! Happy 1st to that cute girl!

angela hardison said...

what an adorable party (and little girl).

Gail said...

I LOVE kiddo's bday parties and I love party themes! Such a clever idea and I love that you are such an over-acheiver and made cake, cupcakes AND cookies:). That's something I would have done many moons ago too so I can relate:). She is getting cuter every time I see her and I can't believe she is already one year! I also never realized that her birthday was so close to mine (22). It will make for lots of fun birthday party ideas for years to come. Enjoy every minute!!!

Summa Holm said...

Im not even kidding, she is soooo adorable! that little face kills me! Totally cute party niki! and im so jeal. of your hair! its so long and beautiful! miss you booobie!

Bernadette said...

Everything was just perfect!!! HAPPY Birthday, little angel!

Emily said...

What a cute and different party!!! You did a great job. This is getting me excited for my baby's birthday coming up. Happy Birthday to Evie!

The Tyler's said...

Walking??!! Please tell her to stop grwoing up for just a couple more months!!
The party looked adorable! What a cute idea. Loved the sugar cookie paw prints.
Happy birthday Evie!!

the cummard family said...

had to is right! the last pic is my favorite!

Whitney said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are seriously amazing. Im so sad we missed it.