Friday, December 31, 2010


A December recap full of pictures. 

Pictures With Santa

Didn't go as well as we thought...

Don't they all need their first pic with Santa to be something of the sort though?

 My Birthday{25}

Date night with Boyd.
Agenda included: A delicious dinner at Iruna. Shopping in Scottsdale. Late night movie. (It had been over a year since the two of us saw a movie, just us.) It was a great birthday.

Birthday Pizza Party at Green House Pizza. (aka our very own backyard pizza)

Love my pom pom wreath!

Made by SIL Melissa. She sure knows me;)

Party people.

Party princess.

 Christmas with Boyd's Family

Evie's first baby doll.

Evie's first cell phone.

Calvin (self named-Mike). Don't he and Evie look alike?

Girl knew just what to do with that thing.

A Pre Christmas Celebration With My Family
My mom put together THE CUTEST hot chocolate bar.




Is just one cup possible??

A special gift from Grandmommy and Grandpa Reed.




Next up were the lights.

Evie trying to kiss Baron.

I could eat him up!

 Christmas Eve at G&G's

Sweet Grandpa reading Luke 2.

The great grandkids put on a nativity while Grandpa reads and musical numbers are done throughout.

What a cute shepherd.

Such lovely angels.

(If you're wondering where Evie was for the presentation...she was with me, in the house because she was slightly irreverent. Slightly being an understatement.)

Merry Christmas Eve.

Boyd thinks he's funny. And I look slightly manish. Slightly being an understatement;)

Love this tiny girl.

Had lots of issues with her boots. But still tried to walk. Hilarity.

Kissing cousins.

 Traditional Christmas Eve opening of Jammies

Where's my baby and who is that little girl?

Christmas snuggle bug.

Can't get enough of her...

And that bitty bum.

Christmas Morning

Loved her Hello Kitty quad and knew exactly what to do.

Christmas morning donut in her new fur vest.

Best Christmas to date.

Hope yours was too!


Diana Smith said...

goodness, your little girl is just so darn cute!! I love all of her little outfits! She is so pretty, just like you!!

Malia said...

Everytime you post pictures of your pizza parties, I think what an awesome idea it was to build a brick oven and organize parties around it.

She looks so cute in her pj's on Christmas :)

Erica Ann said...

such a cute post, looks like you guys had a blast this Christmas season! i can't believe how big miss evie is getting!

Ashley Madsen said...

So cute Niki! Glad you had a great December. Where did you get your W in the fireplace? I love the size.

Kendra Flake said...

That was my Evie's first baby doll too! Loved spending some of those moments with you guys!

Whitney said...

So fun! I love this time of year. I love being able to see traditions of different families.