Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Here's a few snippets of my place here in Houston. The apartments come furnished so it's important to me that I put in as many personal touches as I can while still being minimal.

Left: Some Anthropologie zinc letter look-alikes I made for about $7 total.
Top: An awesome thrifted cross stitch that was meant to be a gift but never got mailed out...Sorry CoCo (I'm attached now.) Plus some thrifted jars with giant safety pins and Billy Bob flowers (Thanks Angela-they're still being loved.) Plus an Ikea plant.
Bottom: A cross stitch my mom made when she was young. Plus a vintage owl, either terracotta or ceramic, that belonged to my late grandma. I think we had a lot in common. Wish I could have really known her! Plus another Ikea plant and pinch pot that holds a yarn puff instead of salt;)

Top: Yarn puff flowers I made and put in my two favorite jars, which were 25 cents each.
Middle: Books and some frames acting as book ends.
Bottom: A scrabble art piece I made Boyd for Valentines day one year.
Right: Ikea succulents in some pretty metal vases. (Ikea has the cheapest succulents I've been able to find- $2.99 each.)


Erica Ann said...

I love all your decor! I have to ask though, are your anthro inspired letters huge like theirs are, or smaller? I couldn't tell by the picture. And where did you get them? I love anthro's metal letters but can never bear to spend that much on them!!!

I'm loving all the updates!

Brittney Blount said...

K Niki, you have to show us (or me) how you made those letters. I've seen those at anthro and they were too much for my checkbook.

The Tyler's said...

Very cute Niki. You could make any old boring home look stunning.
Hearing you talk about Ikea makes me want to go so badly! I have not been in way too many years!!
So, we have a ton of summer sales people here in our ward this year...every time I think...if only the Worthen's could have come instead!!!

Jessica said...

I know aren't Ikea plants the best? I was so sad because I bought one of their cool cactus plants about a month ago and left it in the car outside and we got freezing temperatures. I took the plant in my house a couple days later and it started to smell like rotten lettuce! I had to throw it away:( This is my luck with most plants. Glad to see you're having fun in TX. Visiting anytime soon?

David and Shalynna said...

Oh, what a fun post! I love the details you incorporated into your apartment. Those cross stitches are awesome. I love a good cross stitch and wish I had more of them. How fun toh ave one that your mom made!

I LOVE those yarn puff flowers. You should show a tutorial of how you made them. Also, I've always loved that teal frame. Lastly, the scrabble art piece is precious. What a cute Valentines gift idea!