Monday, June 6, 2011


Evie & Jaycee

Happy Anna

Berkley & Anna

Evie & Cooper

This weekend we made a little day trip to the beach in Gavelston. It's about a 45 min. drive from Houston. It was such a nice treat. Evie LOVED it. (Ps. Doesn't she look so grown up in these pictures?) We will definitely be going back. 


Alli said...

are you kidding me with her cuteness?! She is killing me! I am so glad I made you buy that yellow polka dot bikini! She is to die for in it! Love that little girly and missin her like CRAZY! Can't wait to see you guys!

Britney Jean said...

she has the CUTEST little bikini EVER! i'm in LOVE! and a wayyyy cute cover up!

Alexa Mae said...

Guuurl, you and boyd are so darling as a couple. I really think so.
I've said it before but WHAT DA HECK!!? She's getting too big or looking too big for her own good. Tell her to take it down at notch. I still giggle at the scary story she told you. ;)

Looks like you found the swimmy suit??!! Yay!!!

amberbuck said...

How fun to have a beautiful beach not too far from home! I watched the mtv movie awards..(blah), but I realized that you look so much like emma watson. i'm sure you've heard that you could be sisters. Evie is still too cute for words.

The Foster Family said...

Ugh- I might have to stop coming to yours and Melissa's blogs. I want to tear right through the dang computer screen and love on those girls. And I miss you and Melis, and miss my brothers!! Try not to let them get any bigger, no more cute bikini tops or piggy tails, tell Anna's hair to stop growing and that she can't crawl until she gets back home! And mention my name to Jaycee everyday so we can start where we left off before she left!

Love and miss you all!

Aunt Nun

Emma Kennedy said...

Aww I miss baby ebie!! :( she's gonna b a perfect model when shes older:)

angela hardison said...

umm that little bikini is the cutest!

Marilyn said...

I'm dying to go to the beach! So jealous!

grant + brittany said...

a couple of things-

i love all of evie's outfits. her leopard shoes are so adorable. she is the cutest little girl. her hair is so so so cute too, i'd cute mine short if it'd look like that.

i saw your blendtek post via google reader. i'm interested to know what that was about, we have a blendtek and absolutely love it.

i love all your personal touches to the apartment. and reading where you got everything really makes me want to go to ikea and get some succulents. we are growing some out front but they look kinda sad. and 2.99? i like your price style. it's just like mine.

one thing we do not have in common- i would never order a goat cheese sandwich. onions!?!? ew niki ew!

i love both having pinterest accounts too. i wrote you a message on your page when you first joined... did you ever see that?

thank you for your sweet comments regarding our little trudy. she is so precious.

love ya! looks like houston is still providing you with lots of fun things to do.