Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Welcome to our first official what are YOU wearing Wednesday!!

I didn't get any pics today. But here is one that was done by Ashley Madsen back in April when Evie was just a tiny thing.

Me: Down East Basics shirt. Rags To Britches skirt. Anthropologie feather clip. Nonexistent tan(can you say pasty??).

Evelyn: Old Navy shirt and skirt. Target headband. Clippy Chicks flower. Bead Diva bracelet.


Camille said...

Too bad being first to enter is kind of lame. It's like going to a party an hour early.

One Day said...

I love this! I was in yoga clothes all day :( Hopefully in the future I can participate!

Alexa Mae said...

That skirt is killer on you! And you always know just what to add for a little more umph. (see: feather in the hair.) didn't you know pasty is the new tan!?