Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Welcome again friends, to What Are You Wearing Wednesday. 

I haven't quite gotten on top of my game, so no picture of me today, but you don't come here to see me anyway. We all know you come here to see this pretty thing:

Romper: Gap
Cardi: Gap
Sandals: Janie & Jack
Flower Clip: Clippy Chicks (found at Contagious in Mesa)
Bracelet: Bead Diva (also found at Contagious in Mesa)
*please take note that the clothes and shoes were sale purchases. I never buy anything full price from the above stores.*

Gosh she just melts me. 

Ok, now it's your turn.


tHe ApPeLs said...

she is so dang cute!! hopefully i get ready some time this week so i can participate next week! ;)

Alexa Mae said...

I love her romper! I want one for mee-self. I cannot believe she is going to be ONE next month. un-freakin-real. love ya girlies.

Camille said...

I totally spaced it this week, but have every intention of jumping back on the bandwagon next week!

p.s. ADOREable.

Kristen said...

Could she be any cuter????

I don't know why but that pic of her brought tears to my eyes...

she's so stinkin cute!!