Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm so behind on posting the fun activities we've done this summer.

I finally uploaded a chunk of pictures and I couldn't help but post this one picture for now. I just love this photo. Something about it sums up my feelings about our stay here in Texas.

Three more weeks until we're home again. I'm so looking forward to being home and reunited with family.

Although, there will be a few things I will miss about this Summer.

I'm grateful for all that I have learned out here and for the friendships made... and the relationships that were strengthened.

Isn't it interesting...the way change is so vital to human growth?

And on a totally unrelated note, check this out. ☞click


angela hardison said...

that picture is amazing; i love it. i also love change - even though it's hard sometimes.

Alexa Mae said...

i JUST did a post on change! great minds...
but yes, it is vital. can you imagine if we never had change. we would still act like little babies (even though sometimes i still do.)

girl, did you take that picture? it is so amazing. i really love it. who knew texas had this beauty in it? ;)

New To The Neighborhood said...

where in Texas are you because I haven't seen something like that. It's beautiful and you got mad photography skills :)

Lindsay Jones said...

Oh sister we miss you! Can't wait for you to get home! Love you infinity!