Friday, January 28, 2011


The last couple days I've been working on some special projects for a very special occasion.

Can you guess where we're going??

That's right, we're going to Disneyland. In just a matter of minutes actually.

We're going to the happiest place on earth to 1. celebrate our five year anniversary and 2. to have a last hoorah with the whole family before my baby sister leaves for China.

We're so excited. Evie definitely knows something fun is about to go down. I asked her if she wanted to go to Disneyland and she excitedly screamed yes. 

Anyway, I've been feeling crafty lately and wanted to make some special D-Land apparel for my baby.

Now, I am most definitely a beginner sewer, so there are LOTS of imperfections, but I'm willing to let you see them. Hopefully over time, as I continue to sew, you will see how much I am improving.

This one was super easy. I just hand stitched some felt onto an old shirt and glued on a felt bow that I made.

On this one, I painted a navy blue Mickey with some fabric paint onto an Old Navy tee that I got for $5. It has a bit of a distressed look.

This last one was originally going to be the only one I made until I got daring. I like it the best because it took the most effort. That collar was WAY harder to make than I expected. And sewing in a circle isn't all that easy either. I got the little black tee from Target for $2.50.

So there you have it. I spent a total of $10.50 on all three shirts. 

Next time you see these, they will be on my Evie girl, while basking in the gloriousness of Disneyland. I'll be sure to share lots of pics!

See you soon!


Diana Smith said...

I am soooo jealous! Seriously that is so fun! We are sacrificing our disneyland trip this summer to go to school...SAD! Well hope you have fun!!

tHe ApPeLs said...

love those!!! i want to know how you make the felt bows!!! i think your little girlie looks smashing in them!!! :)

Amy said...

Niki you are awesome!! They are so so cute! Way cuter than anything you could buy at Disneyland too! Hope you have a great trip!!

Liz said...

Love these!! I wanted to be crafty before our trip, but didn't have the time. They are way cute and now you won't feel like you have to buy something while you are there! Have fun!

Lauren F. said...

Way cute! I'm interested in their washability. Did you prewash the fabric? Have you washed them since? (And I'm really jealous you are going to Dland!)

The Tyler's said...

No way...Jason and Krystal r going there on Monday!! If u r still there u will have to look for them.
Love the shirts...I love the blue one!
Have so much fun!!

ailinh harris said...

Holy wow. You got some mad talents, girl! Those all turned out so adorable. I've never been to Disneyland but I've heard all good things about it, so have twice as much fun for me as well!

Marianne said...

Have a wonderful time! We haven't been there since 2007 so we are really aching to go again! Please enjoy ""Pirates" for me, it's my favorite!

The best way to learn anything is to just jump in and do it! Your shirts are darling and I see no imperfections...only hand-crafted uniqueness!

Whitney said...

SOOOO CUTE!!!! Im feeling a Disney trip coming. Maybe this summer!? Im dieing to go. Im totally green with envy. Have so much fun and eat a churro for me.

Libby said...

ohhh my goodness, I want to have those for my future daughter so bad!! I LOVE Minnie Mouse!! I even bought a Minnie onsie for my future baby at Old Navy and I'm no where close to having my baby!

Not sure if you'll see this before you leave but: the 3 best places to see Minnie and Mickey for photo opts are: 1)Their houses in Toon Town, 2) Minnie always seems to hang out at the end of Space Mountain where you see all your pics, 3) Minnies Plaza place where you decorate your own birthday cakes (just fib and say it's Evies bday!), it's way cheaper than a character breakfast (but that is SO fun!) and Minnie and Mickey come and dance with you!