Monday, January 3, 2011


More family pics.

I've posted so many from this photo shoot but with so many that I love, this is the only place I can put them all. There surely isn't enough room on my walls.

Photos by Jules.


angela hardison said...

love these, and your darling little family.

it was great to see you too! i thought the same thing - we both know good food :)

i'm all about a dinner group!

mandi said...

oh my gosh, evies eyes are the sweetest thing ever, and you sister look like a model!!! you r beautiful!!! you and boyd do good work, you should have lots of babies!

Alexa Mae said...

gorgeous, beautiful and chic.
i love you and your cute little fam.

Liz said...

Beautiful! The one of Boyd and Big Boy looks like it could be in the frames when you buy them from the store!

Rachel said...

Just stopping by - these pictures are absolutely lovely!