Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sorry I missed What Are You Wearing Wednesday yesterday, folks. We just got home from Disneyland yesterday. (Lots of pictures coming soon!)

Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of me today, but as always, I have one of the princess.

Beanie: Gift
Flower on beanie: Gift
Fur Vest: Old Navy
Shirt: H&M
Skinnies: Gap
Boots: Gap

Evie was having fun with BigBoy when I was trying to get a pic of her outfit. Thought these were too cute not to share.

Sometimes I get really annoyed with BigBoy. Especially ever since I had Evie. He begs for food all the time now and is a scavenger around Evie whenever she's eating. 

Moments like the ones pictured make me really sad for all the times I yell at him and tell him to get lost. He's such a good dog and so good with Evie. I really do love that enormous hairy lug! And so does Evie. Any time she hears him bark her eyes light up as she says, "Bih-Bohhh".



Marissa said...

Adorable pictures!!

Diana Smith said...

you have such an adorable little girl! I remember reading your blog when you told us that you were pregnant and man time flies!! That once little jelly bean is a walking princess!! Life can just pass you by!

grant + brittany said...

okay. i think this is my most favorite outfits on her. seriously. i would wear it. the best is the fur vest of course. oh i love it.

can't wait to see pics from disneyland.. love your little mickey mouse head idea on evie's tops. what a cute mom you are.

grant + brittany said...

*my most favorite outfit on her.

Alexa Mae said...

Oh my! Those are presh pics with BB!!! She looks so wintery. I love love the vest! Nik, she is so cute and is so much fun. I love you niggy!

ashley in wonderland said...

oh my she is too too too cute!