Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween 2010

⚐ Pumpkin Carving

 In keeping with her dotty themed birthday party.

Fun with the cousins.

⚐ Costumes & Parties

She loved her costume. She wore it all night without any complaints and kept the beanie on most the night too. (That was the real shocker.)

 She wasn't the only one who loved her costume.

I loved seeing her sit in it. She moved around quite well but every so often she would trip. The balloons caught her fall every time.

 ⚐ A visit to the hospital to meet Halloween Baby Cousin

 Precious Anna.

⚐ Festive for Church

This pic is so typical: Me fixing Evie while Evie messes with me.

We had a great Halloween. Holidays are so much better with kids!


Judy said...

You are all so precious!

Alexa Mae said...

girl, i am in love with that last pic. it's beautiful in so many ways.

love how her costume turned out!!!

Sarah said...

That costume is the cutest ever! Love it!!

Mars said...

Her costume is adorable!! Those last pictures of you and her are so precious!

Chanel said...

I LOVE HER COSTUME! Soo Darling. And Boyd looks handsome too. I love the last picture where Evie is "messin" with you. You look elegant. Very beautiful, yet a nurturing mother at the same time. It made me really miss you, girl. I'm glad you had a Happy Halloween.

Whitney said...

I love her costume!! So cute.

Erica Ann said...

Her costume was fantastic! Love love love that. And you and her look beautiful in those pictures!

The Tyler's said...

Cutest bunch of Grapes I ever saw!

Lindsey's baby is getting so big! I haven't seen a pic of him in forever.

Who had a baby?? Kyle and Melissa?? I'm so out of the loop!

Marilyn said...

Ok, I just made a connection today. The little Joseph with your Evie is my nephew. I think you're in the same ward as my brother, DJ Stapley, and his wife Sara. Am i right?