Friday, November 19, 2010


Foodie Review: Liberty Market
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I really wanted to kick off my Foodie Review feature with a restaurant I was sure no one has tried before, but we haven't had the time to make it out to any of them yet. So, I've chosen one of our favorites that we frequent. I'm sure most of you have tried it before and know of it's deliciousness, but I know there are a few of you out there that haven't. And if you have, try out something new next time you go.

You really can't go wrong at Liberty Market. I've had many of items off the menu and have always been satisfied. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, although I haven't made it there for breakfast yet. 

Here are my lunch & dinner suggestions:

First off, I highly recommend getting an Italian Soda from the bar. (Raspberry is delicious.)

Secondly, my favorite entrees include:

The White Pizza(pictured above) and The Salmon BLT.

Boyd never gets anything other than The Best Chicken Sandwich. He swears by it.

And best for last, you must get dessert. As you can see from the above picture, we like just about every single dessert they offer but I'd like to highlight The Pecan Bar, The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich(perfectly chewy once is thaws a bit) and The Strawberry Cupcake with Cheesecake Frosting(not always available).

Liberty Market not only has great food, but has a great atmosphere as well. It's historic, industrial vibe is so charming.

 After we eat, we like to sit by the splash pad outside. It's fun to watch and during the summer it's fun to let the kids play in.

Liberty Market is a few steps down from The Hale Theatre, which would be a great place to go following dinner for a lovely date night. (I'm hoping to see a Christmas Carol next month.)

Let me know if you've tried it before and what your favorite items include. And be sure to let me know if you try out any of my suggestions.

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Marissa said...

Love Liberty Market! Their chicken sandwich really is the best! I love that pizza too! SO GOOD! Yum!!!!

Alexa Mae said...

So good, good, good!!! I want some of their red velvet!!

angela hardison said...

love liberty market (obviously, since i've run into you there!). their pizza is my favorite. i've tried some of the dessert, but need to try more.

p.s. you would probably appreciate this - just heard word that demarco is hopefully opening up another POSTINO in gilbert! yaaa. their food is my favorite.

Marilyn said...

Mmmm. That pizza looks yummy. Small world! Yes, my mom and my three younger sisters have done the Easter Pageant. How funny.

Kayla said...

I'd never even heard of it, because I live under a rock. We made a date to go try it asap. I'm so glad you're doing this...I need restaurant recommendations!!