Thursday, November 18, 2010


We took Evie to the Phoenix Zoo for her Birthday and ended up buying season passes.

We've been back two times since then and we love it so much we could go once a week if we had the time.

Did you know you can ride your bikes around the zoo? Awesome right? I can't wait to get a baby seat on my bike(Uh hem, for either my Birthday or Christmas;) so we can take a family stroll as we look at all the animals.

I've always been a lover of animals but going to the zoo has sparked a fascination in me. It's like I can't get enough. There are some pretty amazing creatures out there. My favorites include: The Giraffes(We fed them on Tuesday and it was incredible-those pics are not accessible right now so I'll have to share them another time.) The Elephants(It's on my bucket list to ride an elephant.) The Lions. The Tiger. The Jaguar. And last but not least, the Rhino's. I know you're thinking I just listed every animal at the zoo but trust me, there are so many animals at the zoo!

Our season passes have already paid themselves off and they're so great because we can go and only stay for an hour if we feel like it and not feel bad about wasting money.

I highly recommend a season pass. 

I can't wait for The Zoo Lights.

Anyway, here are some shots of our trip on Evie's Birthday.

 This thing almost attacked me! I'm not kidding. It was so scary. This is the back side of gate and I don't think you're supposed to get this close...

In love with this photo.


Erica Ann said...

This post made me so happy. I miss your regular posting! We're planning a trip to the zoo soon's good to know season passes just might be worth it, ruby girl loves animals!

That last picture is so precious!

Marissa said...

I had no idea you were allowed to ride your bike around the zoo! How fun!!

Kayla said...

We LOVE the zoo. Stinky was just there yesterday with the grandparents and came back SO EXCITED about everything. We need to get passes.

angela hardison said...

i love the zoo too. the other day clint & i were trying to think of something to do in phx and we almost went to the zoo together. is it weird if you don't have any kids? haha

Britney Jean said...

i LOVE the zoo. it's so much fun. i have a feeling we'll be getting season passes next fall when Ry is old enough to enjoy it!

erika said...

If you go to the Renaissance Festival they have an exhibit where you can ride an elephant and a camel. Soo easy to cross off your bucket list!

I realize you don't know me, but I love your blog!

Alexa Mae said...

Soooo fun!! I miss having a pass. We used it all the time when our kids were littler.

Ride an elephant? Awesome!!!