Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Obesession confession: EmersonMade

I have a confession to make... I'm am completely obsessed with EmersonMade. It started about a year ago when I first discovered Emerson's blog and it grew when she came out with her clothing line. Okay, maybe obsessed is not the right word to use. It makes me sound like a creepy-stalker-crazed-fan. (Emerson, if you ever happen upon this post, please know I am not a creepy-stalker-crazed-fan, but in fact, just a normal girl whom you would probably get along famously with, if ever given the chance.)

Emerson is an amazingly talented designer who lives the best of both worlds(in my opinion), working from the city (NY) and living in the country(NH). She has impeccable taste from her home(see it here) to her clothing line to the styling of her photo shoots, in which she is the model(and which are mostly done from her very own farm house). To add to all of that, she is beautiful and has a darling figure! And though I have not met her in person, she seems quite charming. You can tell she has a great sense of humor.

She started out selling her hand made flowers, often times, right off of her own lapel and has now evolved into a full blown fashion designer with many vintage nods and references to the 60's and 70's.(And if you know me, you know my two favorite eras are the 40's and 70's.) There is not a single thing in her shop that I do not absolutely love. (And she offers more than flowers and clothes.) Oh, and let's not forget that she is a talented oil painter as well. Gosh can this lady get any better?! (I'll answer my own question, yes! She can.)

She is the perfect duet of classy and quirky.

I could go on and on, but you're just going to have to see what I mean for yourselves.  


Did I mention she partners with her adorable husband? And what a great team they make. 

She's a girl after my own heart in many aspects.

What a peach.

I ❤ E.M. and I ❤❤ my E.M. jeans!

Bang. Your. Drum.

Thank you so much Emerson and the team at EmersonMade(especially Rachel B.) for not only being the Bee's Knees but for caring about us little people. It's what sets you apart. That and the fact that you have awesome people working for you. You guys have it all figured out.


♠Come back later this week to see more family pics taken by the fabulous Jules


Alexa Mae said...

Girl, you're outfit is HOT!!! You look amazing! You+those jeans=sexaayyy.

P.s I want all of her clothes too. She really is a triple threat. :)

Katie Taylor said...


Erica Ann said...

What adorable family pictures! That carousel is such a cute backdrop for your adorable family! Evie girl is getting so big!

Marianne said...

Love the jeans! They look so good on you. Jealous!

I can't wait to see the other family pictures. This one is sweet!

Full House said...

really! how adorable are all of ya'll. seriously drums are a banging when you sport those jeans.

Emerson Made is genius, huh?

Amy said...

Those pics turned out so so cute! Those jeans look amazing on you! I definitely need to invest in a pair someday when I can afford them ha ha! It was so fun seeing you guys the other day! Your family is adorable!

Whitney said...

I need some of those. I doubt I would look half as good as you though. You my friend are smoking hot!

Anna said...

Those jeans are fantastic! I've never heard of Emerson made before but I love her stuff.

Also, I was your partner in Kjrsten's vintage jewlery swap. I sent your stuff a few weeks ago and wanted to make sure you got it. I had so much fun putting your little package together!

Lindsay Jones said...

Oh what talent and inspiration Emersonmade is! I had seen her house and seen her darling flowers from nienie but didn't know she was the same mastermind behind both and her clothes! Oh boy! Thanks for putting it all together for me! I can't get enough of her darling pictures...makes me wish I lived on a farm!

Alexis Crum said...

I am IN LOVE!!!! Emersonmade officially has my heart. I LOVE her style. Thank you so much for the pics. your body is rockin!! I need some of those jeans now, woohoo!!

angela hardison said...

yeah, she is seriously adorable and so talented. you look great in those jeans! and can't wait to see more family pics.

Mallory said...

Love Emersonmade! And everything about your outfit is flawless! Love it! Evie is so darling!

......From London With Love said...

I am too. So obessesed. Glad I found your blog through them. What a wonderful find.


mandi said...

k, I think I am in love with emersonmade now, I wish I wouldve known about them sooner, because I need some of those pin flowers, seriously IN LOVE! I love you and the fam, you look fabulous in those jeans, Can I borrow your bum?????? I cant wait to see all the pics