Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've gotta step up my game with these pics. Looking back through my WAYWW posts, the majority of them are crappy phone pics. It's my goal to do better. Better means more organized...Aahh if only I could be as organized as I wanted.

I digress.

Dress: Vintage...thrifted.
Belt: sale.
Shoes: sale.


I was slightly obsessed with Evie in her Sunday outfit. She looked so adorable I could hardly stand it.

Bow: Hand made by Yours Truly.
Dress: From Once Upon A Child
Sweater: Vintage...a gift.
Tights: Gymboree. (They're textured but it's hard to tell in photos.)
Shoes: Walmart. (Recent purchase)


Marissa said...

I love your dress!!! What a great find!

Connie said...

Oh my gosh that is the cutest little girl church outfit of all time! Darling! AND of course yours matches in cuteness (:

Ashley Madsen said...

You are on the ball! Barely 1 hr into Wednesday.

Porter and Karla said...

i just saw her grape costume! so adorable!!! and i have a few restaurants I can toss your way for the tucson folk..... or you can just come here and go out with us:)great idea by the way!

Britney Jean said...

omg. i LOVE her tights. and dress. and everything. so cute!

and i love your vintage collection. amazing.

angela hardison said...

her little outfit is to die for! i love it.

Libby said...

that is maybe one of the cutest baby outfits I've ever seen! infact, I'd wear it myself!

Shawnda and Nathan Mills said...

Niki, I didnt see you as I was leaving last night but I wanted to say thankyou for hosting such a fun party. I had such a great time. Your house looks amazing! Thanks for the pizza and letting me snuggle with your baby. P.S. how did you make your marinara pizza sauce? Nathan was in love and told me we couldnt make pizza again till I had your recipe :) Thanks again!

Connie said...

(niki your comment made my day... being compared to her was ultra flattering!:)