Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know the quality of this pic is terrible and it's only half of an outfit but I'm showcasing my hat and fish tail braid. 

Hat: Gap (got it on sale for $5)
Necklace: F21
Shirt: Gap (same one from a couple weeks ago in a dif color)


 These pics were taken in TX, just over a month ago. I can't believe how much older Evie looks already. These are the moments when I  get really sad that my baby is growing up.

Headband: Gift
Shirt: Gift from her baby shower (she's been wearing this same shirt since she was about 3 months old)
Skinnies: Gap
Bracelet: Bead Divas

I had to include a close up of this angelic face.


New To The Neighborhood said...

I love that hat. You should do a post about staples you should have in your wardrobe. Because I could use help on that subject. I never know what to look for when clothes shopping.

Alexa Mae said...

I'm not even kidding, on Saturday I was trying to remember how to do the fishtail. Your mom used to make a mean one! However, I failed. You'll have to re-teach me. Plus, I wanna do my hair like that now. ;) You know, I think you just keep getting prettier and prettier the older you get.

Give Evie a smooch and sing her a song for me!

Kayla said...

I think you should do this:

I'd love to see the stuff you come up with!

Marilyn said...

You look so cute in hats! I'm never brave enough to try them.

Marissa said...

I love the braid!